Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Three, Books !

So today my brain couldn't come up with a catchy tittle for today's blog.
Some candidates were, Books, escape for the soul, and Books, the ultimate special effects, but nothing poked my brain into saying yes that's a good title!  So "Books" it will have to be.

Why do some books stay forever in our minds? I am not talking about revolutionary books, or books that have changed the world by the authors insightful and creative thinking.I am talking about the obscure book you read, and then read again, and have since read many times. A book that no one else you know has ever heard of let alone read the cover. Why do these books take such a hold on the few and not the masses?

For me it is a book titled "The Rolling Stones" and it was written 4 years before I was born, and 10 years before Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger thought about  a rock band.

The Rolling Stones is a juvenile silence fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. I first read it as a early adolescent, and  early teenager. The book is about a family living on the moon, which was almost a suburb of earth. But still considered to be for the adventurous by those living on earth. I remember my fascination with the thought of traveling in space. Visiting Mars and other planets. The things to see and discover, and the people one could meet on such travels was just down right fascinating!

I looked it up on Wikipedia and the plot summary talks about the adventures of the two boys in the book, and about flat cats, and entrepreneurial spirit, and the pit falls they encounter. I still carry a mental image of a flat cat in my mind today.A most delightfully calming critter.

I believe I have read this book every 5 or 6 years since the first time, As a matter of fact it is probably time to read it again, that's why I have been thinking about it. I can answer my own question on why some books stay with us forever. The Rolling Stones for me supports so many attributes of life that I consider to be necessities of life. It stimulates the imagination, with thoughts that anything is possible, even traveling in space like we do in airplanes, and living on the moon. The book tells, that all learning is not necessarily best in a classroom, and that any subject can be fascinating if you open your mind to it. It tells of the joys and sorrows of entrepreneurship as well as the benefits it as over a conventional job.

As a pre teen and teenager I loved the book because it could fill my imagination with so many things, from the wildest thoughts of space travel to the grandiose thoughts of becoming rich and famous. Reading into my 20's and 30's was for reaffirmation. To retreat from life for a short few hours and renew the imagination so as to go forward with my current life and goals. As I have gotten older I remember reading it for escape, to indulge my imagination, so as to clear the clutter of life from my mind. To remind me that my path in life has been filled with imagination and realities that are mine alone, to be cherished.

I encourage everyone to find 'their book" Young or Old, The mind and imagination require stimulation from the written word, without it the world becomes a boring place to live.

And not everyone can come live with me on the Moon !!   :-)

Quote of the Day
"My dog and I have enjoyed many a silence together, 
a conversation always resumed exactly where left off."

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  1. So far so good!! Three days in a row. Great blog so far. I want to hear more about your day-to-day life, living wit MS, etc.