Saturday, 26 February 2011


 OK so the "Day" thing in the title just had to go!  I don't know what I was thinking! I am going to submit a post each day. It is just that calling them Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, was just beginning to sound like psycho babble. I don't believe I am psycho, just yet at least :-)
Of course every reader is entitled to their own opinion    :-)

So I took a test on the internet called ‘Are you Optimistic”  I am sure I could find many such tests to take on the internet and I am sure they would all give pretty much the same synopsis if I answered them all the same.  Here are the results of the one I did take:

According to your responses, you are generally the type of person who believes in the goodness of humankind. You give nearly everyone the benefit of the doubt (at least until proven wrong), and will often accept what people say and do at face value instead of making conjectures about their motives. You will at least try to find the good in even the most difficult of people, and are willing to place your faith in others. Unlike their more positive counterparts, pessimists have a lot of difficulty trusting others, believing that most, if not all people have hidden agendas. Tempered with that necessary dose of skepticism, you’re fairly trusting and accepting nature is refreshing, and likely provides you with a much more balanced and upbeat perspective overall.

Nothing surprising to me in the results, Enlightening though was my perceptions of the answers available to the questions. For almost every answer I chose there was another answer I could have chosen, depending on the time in my life and my mood. I believe my perceptions indicate I am getting more skeptical with age and experience.
This would come from experiences like those that have proven to me that not all people have ulterior motives but some most definitely do. And this experience has changed my outlook from one of all people would choose good over bad if given the choice. To one of most people would choose good, and a few choose whatever option gives themselves the most gain. 
Just one of those inevitable  facts of life.

Now I will have to ad another goal to my lists. And the goal will be to not let skepticism gain ground on my optimism. I like myself as an optimist, yes a little skepticism saves some turmoil in life. Burt skepticism is like spice in cooking, a little bit ads flavor and zest. Too much spoils the dish and just tastes bad.

So why are optimism and positive thinking not the same in my dictionary?
The short definition is in the answer to this age old question. 

"Is the glass half full or half empty?"

Optimistic answer, “the glass is half full”

Positive thinking answer, “the glass will be full again very soon”

Optimistic Positive Thinking answer " The glass is already half full, filling it to the top will be easy"

Everybody should  find at least one thing that has been great about today,
And when you do, smile at someone!

Quote of the day
"Sometimes I sit up late with my thoughts, 
reluctant to fall asleep and leave my thoughts alone by themselves."

Feel free to pass on the link to this babble should you feel inclined to enlighten someone,
Or torture someone as the case may be 

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  1. no comment on the sane/insane struggle but definitely enjoying the read every day and looking forward to much more.