Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Good Cigar...

 A quote from another blogger,

"Failure has haunted me my whole life. Sitting back on it's haunches, waiting in the dark to pull me closer; waiting to breath its chloroform breath up my nose.
I make it a bigger deal than it should be. Even little things become big in my mind. One thing I've never failed at is depression."

So why is depression such a problem for most of the population, this writer included? Is it not just simple to say "thinking about these things makes me sad, so I will just not think about these things" Is that not just common sense?

Well I believe this falls into the easier said than done category.
It is truly part of our societies conditioning, we are continuously informed in some way or another that good is no reason to celebrate, good is normal, good is expected, In order to celebrate any thing good it has to transcend good into the very least great! Other wise no one is interested in hearing about something as blase as just good.

Now bad on the other hand has a completely different set of priorities. No mater how trivial or minute the bad news is. As long as it has not happened to us, we want to hear about it!! And we want to celebrate it with disgust.

Now hears the test. All of you drivers out there, do you remember the day some guy gave you the finger while driving down the road, or the guy who cut you off. or the guy who was just an idiot and should not be allowed on the road? Now you pedestrians, remember the idiot driver who splashed you while you were walking down the sidewalk.r the driver that blew the horn at you as you crossed the intersection and they were in a hurry to turn left

Now each think about the driver who slowed down to make sure they didn't splash you.r purposely stopped traffic so you could cross the road. Or how about the driver that waved you into the parking spot you were both aiming for. Or the one who stopped traffic and waved you into the lane you were trying to turn into.

Now if everyone is honest I am willing to bet it took us allot longer to remember the good Samaritan than it did to remember the bad guys. You think that could be because we celebrate the bad way more than the good, we think and talk about the bad way more than the good.

I for one am allot happier, far less depressed, when I celebrate not just the great things in my life, but the good every day things. Some days they are harder to find than the bad, but if you look hard enough they are there, and just need celebrating

Now I am going to create one of those good things, just for me. Time for a good cigar and a relaxing look back at all the good things I have to celebrate lately. Like watching a rabbit eat the garden, or a darling little girl sing just the words "Happy Birthday Gram pa" on the phone.

Cherish your good things

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