Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Is the right thing always the right thing ?

We have all heard "Its the right thing to do" But is it always?

Is the right thing to do, to do what we perceive as expected. Is the right thing to do, to do what society, and our peers perceive as the right thing?

I mean it is the right thing to do when we find a wallet and make sure it is returned to the owner.
It is the right thing to do when we own up to mistakes we have made.
It's the right thing to do by setting good examples for our children.
It is the right thing to do to be courteous to our fellow man

But how about doing something because we don't want to hurt someone we feel to be totally innocent of the circumstances.  Doing something that sacrifices our own feelings, because we feel it is the right thing, and/or we feel our peers consider it the right thing. Does this become the right thing at our own expense?

I would like to say all, but I am not quite that optimistic, so at least most of us do not want to cause unnecessary discomfort to our friends and loved ones, or even acquaintances. We would like to have the approval of our peers. We want to be consciousness and caring human beings

So is it the right thing when we do something that restrains our own happiness and pleasure for the sake of another? Is it the right thing to forsake ourselves by doing what is perceived to be the right thing by our peers?.

Families do it an wonder how they became estranged.
Couples do it and wonder how they became distant.
Friends do it and wonder how they lost touch.

So as some one who would like to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am. I will try to define "the right thing" to be what is right for everyone involved including myself, and be there for my friends, family and loved ones when "the right thing" hurts

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